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FreshLook, colour daily and monthly lenses from Alcon

For many years in the market and very popular high-quality monthly lenses with colour. Also available as a daily lens: FreshLook ONE-DAY and FreshLook Illuminate.

FreshLook, colour lenses from Alcon

The colour lens series from Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision), based on hydrogel material. Available as monthly and daily lenses.

The monthly lenses offer many colours in different intensities:

FreshLook Colors - monthly lens in 5 colours.
FreshLook Colorblends - monthly lens in 12 colours.
FreshLook Dimensions - monthly lens in 3 colours.
FreshLook ONE-DAY - daily lens in 4 colours.
FreshLook Illuminate - daily disposable contact lenses specially designed to make dark eyes sparkle.

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