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PureVision2 by Bausch Lomb, buy it cheap online at Lensdeal

Purevision2 by Bausch & Lomb: its High Definition Optics, for that extra sharp vision in low-light situations, makes this lens special.

PureVision by Bausch & Lomb, silicone hydrogel lenses of the balafilcon A material, one of the first lenses of this material in the market, comes now with even better wearing comfort in its latest version, PureVison2, monthly lenses that offer the possibility of day and night wear for a whole month.

With the well-known properties of the balafilcon A material of all PureVision contacts, and thanks to the High Definition Optics Technology, this lens offers sharper vision in low light situations.

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Material type Silicon Hydrogel
Replacement frequency monthly
Oxygen permeability Dk/t 130
Material Balafilcon A 64%
Water content 36%


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PureVision2 monthly lenses by Bausch & Lomb

Purevision2 by Bausch & Lomb with HD, High Definition Optics, which makes this lens exceptional and unique, for extra sharp vision.

With the well-known properties of the balafilcon A material of all PureVision contacts and thanks to the High Definition Optics Technology from Bausch & Lomb, this lens offers sharper vision in low light situations. These lenses are also specially designed to reduce light reflection, halos and glare.

One of the thinnest monthly lenses on the market and with a specially designed edge, Purevision2 offers exceptional wearing comfort. In other words, a smooth interaction between your eyelid and your contact lens, so without concessions for your eyes, continuously for a month, 24/7. With its ComfortMoist Technology, extra and immediate comfort is ensured as soon as the lenses are inserted. Almost naturally, the high oxygen transmission they provide not only ensures healthy eyes but makes it possible to wear these contacts 24 hours a day. 

A soft contact lens for a busy lifestyle and a lot of work infront of a screen? PureVision2 is the lens for you. Do you not want the hassle of putting your lenses on and off every day? Not to mention cleaning them with a lens solution? Save a lot of time and effort with this continuous use lens... but first discuss it with your eye specialist or optician before you wear a contact lens 24/7.

This monthly lens must be replaced every month.

If you take your lenses off in the evening, then you should of course clean and disinfect them before wearing them again with a good contact lens solution such as the BiotruePay attention to the choice of a contact lens solution. Do not use Allergan Ultracare Disinfecting System, Oxysept Ultracare Disinfecting Solution, Oxysept Neutralizing Tablets and Ultrazyme Enzymatic Cleaner, as these can change the quality and sharpness of the contact lenses of the material balafilcon.

Available in packs of 3 or 6 lenses.

The PureVision2 monthly lens has the following parameters:
B/C (Base Curve/Radius): 8.6
Dia. (Diameter): 14.00
Minus powers (-) in increments of 0.25: -0.25 to -6.00
Minus powers (-) in increments of 0.50: -6.50 to -12.00
Plus powers (+) in increments of 0.25: +0.25 to +6.00

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