Biomedics toric

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Biomedics® toric by CooperVision

CooperVision's Biomedics toric lenses are specially designed for correcting astigmatism, it is a lens with cylinder.

This monthly hydrogel lens offers you sharp vision, even in poor lighting conditions. It is very comfortable and with its high water content also maintains your eyes healthy.

The best quality/price ratio for a toric lens, Biomedics toric.

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Oxygen permeability Dk/t 17
Material Ocufilcon D 2 45%
Material type Hydrogel
Replacement frequency monthly
Water content 55%

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Biomedics® toric by CooperVision

The Biomedics toric monthly lens by CooperVision, from the Biomedics series of contact lenses, is a monthly lens with cylinder specially designed to ensure good sight stability, which translates into a sharp vision.

A lens with a smooth continuous lens surface, comfortable all day long and with a relatively high water content of 55% to keep your eyes healthy.

Biomedics® toric offers you further, of course, the same advantages as the Biomedics 55 Evolution®. Biomedics 55 Evolution was for many years known under the name "Biomedics 55" and is still a very popular and a much worn monthly lens.

With a new rounded edge, this lens feels even finer and offers outstanding vision in a comfortable way.

With its own special aspherical design, this lens offers you, especially in low light situations, excellent clear and sharp vision.

The Biomedics toric lens has a light blue tint so that it is easy to see while inserting and removing it, and also offers protection against harmful UV radiation.

Available in a wide power range, in packs of 6 lenses.

The Biomedics toric monthly lens has the following parameters:
B/C (Base Curve/Radius): 8.7
Dia. (Diameter): 14.50
Minus powers (-) in increments of 0.25: -0.25 to -6.00
Minus powers (-) in increments of 0.50: -6.50 to -9.00
Plus powers (+) in increments of 0.25: +0.25 to +5.00
Plus powers (+) in increments of 0.25: +5.50 to +6.00
Cyl. (Cylinder): -2.25/-1.75/-1.25/-0.75
Ax. (Axis) in steps of 10: 10 to 180

This is not a standard stock lens. Consider a delivery time of 3 to 7 business days.

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