Biofinity XR

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Biofinity XR by CooperVision

In spherical lenses, XR stands for "Extended Range".

Biofinity XR, on the market since October 2013. Now also those who need powers from -12.50 to -20.00 or +8.50 to +15.00 have an option to put the glasses aside.

Special range, special powers, long wearing-comfort, silicone hydrogel monthly lens... simply, a very special contact lens.

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Oxygen permeability Dk/t 128
Material Comfilcon A
Material type Silicon Hydrogel
Replacement frequency monthly
Water content 48%


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Biofinity XR by CooperVision

Special range, special powers, long-wearing comfort, silicone hydrogel monthly lens... simply, a very special contact lens, Biofinity XR (for extended range) by CooperVision.

In spherical lenses, XR stands for "Extended Range".

On the market since October 2013, specially developed for particularly strong farsightedness or nearsightedness.

Now also those who need powers from -12.50 to -20.00 or +8.50 to +15.00 have an option to put the glasses aside and enjoy the convenience of good monthly lenses, which, also at the end of a long day, still feel comfortable.

If you previously could not find any lenses or are dissatisfied with the use of hydrogel lenses, experience the advantages of this silicone hydrogel technology. With the new Biofinity XR lenses, even more myopic and hypermetropic customers can now benefit from the comfort and clarity of the Biofinity lenses.

CooperVision's Aquaform® Technology provides increased comfort and healthier eyes by allowing an increased flow of oxygen to them and retaining water for a longer time so that the lens remains moist and supple.

The Biofinity is a contact lens with an optimal balance between moisture and oxygen and, therefore, optimal wearing comfort.

CooperVision Biofinity XR, comfilcon A monthly lenses

The material comfilcon A of these lenses is the result of pioneering new technological developments in the field of contact lenses of the material type silicone hydrogel. This is more oxygen-permeable than the normal hydrogel contact lenses so that these lenses feel even smoother. What separates this lens from other silicone hydrogel lenses is the fact that when manufacturing and assembling its material, the Aquaform Technology from CooperVision provides it with a moisture-attracting ability, without further use of any artificial coatings or wetting agents, as it is the case with some other lenses. This keeps this material smooth and moist all day long.

In addition to the flexibility and moisture retention abilities of this lens, CooperVision has also given it a unique edge finish that ensures  minimal friction with the inside of the eyelid, making a longer wearing time possible. They are very suitable as a monthly lens and offer great comfort to their users.

Experience the convenience and comfort of the silicone hydrogel monthly lenses by CooperVision, Biofinity - Comfilcon A, which, since its introduction in 2007, has proven itself in view of the number of users worldwide.

More comfort is now possible with this revolutionary silicone hydrogel monthly lenses that are also excellently priced at Lensdeal! This is one of the best options for problem-free contact lens wearing pleasure, especially for the active person and those who travel a lot. With this Biofinity lens, you can spend long days without problems of dry eyes, and that applies for day and night.

A week long, 24/7, that is no problem, but check this first with your contact lens specialist. As always, give your eyes a regular rest and do not forget that even with prolonged wear, good hygiene remains essential.

Please note: you should first consult with your contact lens specialist before you wear these lenses often day and night. Occasionally should be no problem, but with prolonged use, an additional control of the health of your eyes is advisable.

Available in packs of 6 lenses.

The Biofinity XR monthly lens has the following parameters:
B/C (Base Curve/Radius): 8.6
Dia. (Diameter): 14.00
Minus powers (-) in increments of 0.50: -12.50 to -20.00
Plus powers (+) in increments of 0.50: +8.50 to +15.00

This is not a standard stock product. If not in stock, delivery is between 2 to 5 days.

More information from CooperVision about the Biofinity XR silicone hydrogel contact lenses can be found here: a solid option for modern contact lens wearers.

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