Oxysept 1 Step multipack 3x300ml

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Content: 3 bottles of 300 ml

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Oxysept 1 Step 900ml, 3-month package by AMO

Convenient and advantageous for 3 months, a 90 days package.

Oxysept 1 Step by AMO, peroxide disinfectant cleansing formula with neutralizing tablets. For silicone hydrogel contact lenses, choose Oxysept 1 Step.

Please note that this solution must be used with its neutralizing tablets and the special lens case provided.

Enough for thorough cleaning and disinfecting 90 times.

Oxysept 1 Step does not contain any preservatives.

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Oxysept 1 Step 900ml, 3 months package by AMO

A peroxide system that excels due to its good control of microorganisms and pathogens. Oxysept 1 Step has no preservatives and provides a safe way to perfectly clean and comfortable lenses.

Oxysept 1 Step (90 days) package 3 x 300ml 90 with neutralizing tablets is good for 90 times. ​The tablets ensure that no harmful peroxide remains by neutralizing them. It has a natural vitamin B12 color indicator.

To be used only with the supplied special lens case.

Contents: 3 x 300ml, a special lens holder and 90 neutralizing tablets, enough for three months of clean lenses.

The liquid contains: perhydrol 3.0%

The neutralization tablet contains: catalase (0.1mg / tablet).

Also available: single pack of 300ml with 30 tablets, good for daily use, 30 times.

Oxysept 1 step is NOT  an all-in-one contact lens solution.

NEVER applyOxysept 1 Step directly in the eye.
Use Oxysept 1 Step only with the supplied special lens case AND neutralization tablets, these ensure that the liquid is completely neutralized before you wear your clean lenses again.
After opening the bottle, it can be used for a MAXIMUM of 60 days.

If you want to further rinso your contact lenses, use the special Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution. Click here.

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