OPTI-FREE Express multipack 3x355ml 1x120ml

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Content: 3 bottles of 355 ml

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OPTI-FREE Express by Alcon, No-Rub contact lens solution for extra clean lenses

WITH FREE 120ml small package EXTRA.

OPTI-FREE Express, contact lens solution by Alcon, the all-in-one high-quality solution, in a 6-month packaging of 3 x 355ml and an extra 120ml FREE, in a special small package for travelling and short breaks.

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OPTI-FREE Express MultiPack, Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution by Alcon

Alcon produces the "No-Rub" solution OPTI-FREE Express. This lens cleaning solution requires less maintenance than other all-in-one fluids. OPTI-FREE Express offers a triple action.

The all-in-one solution, OPTI-FREE!

Not only are your lenses clean and refreshed, but they also stay clean longer during the day because they remain moist and thus prevent pollution. 

For long-lasting comfort, so you can wear your lenses with pleasure all day long, this contact lens solution provides excellent hygiene.
It kills bacteria, fungi and Acanthamoeba, and removes proteins. This is done while you store your lenses and without rubbing. Your lenses are clean the next day and they remain moist longer.
Consumption, on average, is a bottle of 355ml for 6 to 8 weeks. The most common is 3 bottles (of 355ml) for 6 months.

Note: do not place too big of an order. All bottles have a sell-by date which can be found on the packaging. Open bottles have a limited time within which you can use the fluid, usually a maximum of 90 days after opening, but check this always in the product insert.

If you want to switch to a new solution, first consult your optician or optometrist. Have your eyes checked again after about a week of using the new contact lens solution. Each person reacts differently to lens care solutions and they can cause irritation and other symptoms. Always read first the manual that comes with the solution, this includes not only useful tips but also all about how to use it. 

Contents: 3 bottles of 355ml and 3 lens cases with a FREE holiday packaging of 120ml.

OPTI-FREE Express contains: sodium chloride, sorbitol, boric acid, aminomethylpropanol, citrate, TETRONIC® 1304 as cleaning ingredient, POLYQUAD® (polidronium chloride) 0.001%, ALDOX® (myristamidopropyldimethylamine) 0.0005%.

This contact lens cleaning solution contains preservatives.

Also available at Lensdeal in a standard packaging of 1 bottle of 355ml with a lens case and a travel pack of 120ml with a lens case.

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