Lens solutions from Alcon, Bausch & Lomb and AMO

Contact lens solutions, a basic requirement for the weekly and monthly lens use, for clean lenses and healthy eyes.

A wide choice available at Lensdeal, such as the Biotrue from Bausch & Lomb, OPTI-FREE PureMoist from Alcon and COMPLETE from AMO. In addition, you can choose from the so-called "all-in-one" solutions, fluids that require some degree of "rubbing", and of course the "peroxide" cleaning systems that completely disinfect your lenses.

Contact lens solution for cleaning and storing your soft contact lenses

The three biggest manufacturers are Alcon, Bausch & Lomb and AMO, all with extensive experience and quality you can trust.

A prerequisite for clean lenses and healthy eyes when wearing weekly and monthly lenses.

A wide choice is available, such as Biotrue from Bausch & Lomb, OPTI-FREE PureMoist from Alcon, COMPLETE from AMO, and many more. These three are very popular and are available in different formats.

There is the so-called category of "all-in-one" solutions, which means that they can be used to clean your contact lenses, to keep them moist, and to preserve them. You do not have to rub the lens in the fluid. When a lens solution requires some degree of rubbing to get the best results, you have to make sure you don't tear the lens while you rub. 

And then there are the so-called "peroxide" lens solutions, the best to properly disinfect your lenses, but neutralization of the fluid is needed, and this usually requires a special lens case and takes longer. 

It is also very important how your eye reacts to the contact with the fluid, as this is different per person and often also determines the user's choice. So if you want to try a solution, first buy the smallest package available, until you are sure it suits you. If you want to switch to a new solution, first consult with your optician or optometrist. Have your eyes checked again after about a week of using the new contact lens solution. Each person reacts differently to lens care solutions and they can cause irritation and other symptoms. Always read first the manual that comes with the solution,

Please note: contact lens solutions always have a limited shelf life and opened bottles can never be exchanged.

In all cases, you can use a bottle at least 4 to 6 weeks after opening.

The average bottle size is between 300 and 360ml. Consumption, on average, is 6 weeks per bottle.

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