Biotrue, contact lens solution from Bausch & Lomb

Biotrue contact lens solution from Bausch & Lomb: the excellent effect of this cleaning solution guarantees clean lenses after use, each and every day. This solution feels very soft on re-insertion of the clean lens and is, therefore, extremely suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

Biotrue contact lens solution from Bausch & Lomb

Perfect "all-in-one" maintenance system for your contact lenses, to clean and store them, in different packagings to be obtained at Lensdeal:
- 300ml plastic bottle (vial)
- 3 x 300ml
- 1 x 90ml, the super handy travel pack

Please note that contact lens solutions have an expiration date, so be sure when you purchase them that you have enough time to use the fluid. This only applies to unopened bottles. If the bottle is in use, the content is perishable. Look for this on the package insert. For Biotrue applies a month after opening.

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