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Biomedics, contact lenses from CooperVision

Biomedics, daily and monthly lenses with the best price/quality ratio!

Biomedics, contact lenses from CooperVision

Biomedics contact lenses, with a great price/quality ratio, for both daily and monthly lenses.

For many years, CooperVision has been producing this brand of soft contact lenses, which are made of a hydrogel material called "ocufilcon D", and have a relatively high water content of 55%. The Biomedics lenses have been developed on the basis of a so-called "aspherical design", which means that the lens retains its correction capacities as much as possible the same over its entire surface. Together with a specially developed edge finish, this affordable lens offers great wearing comfort and sharp vision. This lens has two wearing frequencies, namely, a daily lens and a monthly lens, and each type is also available with cylinder for the correction of astigmatism, often also known as a "toric" lens. Further distinguishing the daily lens is the existence of a separate radius (B/C) for plus powers, 8.8, and 8.6 for the minus powers. Pay particular attention to this when ordering. The same applies to the monthly lens, with B/C 8.8 for the plus powers, and two B/Cs for the minus powers, 8.6 and 8.9. This means that a very good fit can normally be found so that the vision correction is optimal for each individual.

Do not simply switch to another type or brand of contact lenses. Always do this in consultation with your optician or ophthalmologist, and let your eyes be tested and checked again. Only then can you ensure the highest chance of success for a longer period of time, and a pleasant and comfortable use of your soft contact lenses.   

The Biomedics series consists of the following lenses:

Biomedics 1 day Extra - hydrogel based daily lens with good wearing comfort and perfect price.
Biomedics 1 day Extra toric - hydrogel based daily lens with cylinder for good wearing comfort and at a very affordable price.
Biomedics 55 Evolution - hydrogel monthly lens.
Biomedics toric - hydrogel monthly lens with cylinder.
Biomedics XC - hydrogel monthly lens based on omafilcon A, with extra high water content for high wearing comfort.

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